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Conceived in 2016, this 10 minute piece highlighted abstract thought, street dance technique, and miming to give audiences a brand new kind of performance. It wasn't long until we expanded our unique take on comedy in dance into an entire show. Sometimes hidden behind masks, performers take the stage in a variety of situations heavily influenced by elements of physical comedy that fit perfectly within the world of dance.
Each piece is conceived from a wide range of situations and ideas. Using dance as the backbone of the show, the dance company gets to play with twists on dance genres, alternative meanings in music, & relatable stories to create each show. Each show features comedy and high energy performances in the following genres:
Hip Hop Dance
Breakin (Breakdance)

This isn't your typical dance performance. When you dive into the world of our Stupid  Humans, you enjoy a highly interactive show full of hip hop's most exciting styles. You'll enjoy characters and situations you've never quite seen before, and no one ever knows when they may become part of the act! Spending the evening with "The Redef Movement" in our one-of-a-kind show gives you a show full of surprises and twists on conventional dance performances. As we dive into our Stupid Humans alter ego, you'll never know how the standards of a dance show will shift.

Are You Part of The Act?

We love pulling our audience on stage during each show. Will it be you next time?


give us a chance to explore a brand new world each time we create a show.


From our latest show, "Stupid Humans Ruin The Classics"

Ruining our own classics

It's become somewhat of a tradition to feature a spin on some of our most memorable pieces. This year, we brought back "Swan Lake" from our Christmas show, adding in more funk and drastically more aggressive dancers to come into conflict withe the ballerinas. Also featured this year, our most high energy Locking and Hip Hop numbers of the last 2 years and a duet from the original Stupid Humans show.

Poor Phillip

Phillip Buckley, a big supporter of ours and without much choice, a featured part of our act. For the 2nd year in a row, we pulled him on stage and performed an entire piece around him sitting in a chair.  Our company loves choreographing these numbers, the audience was hysterical over his embarrassment. We would love to call it an annual tradition, but we don't think he trusts us anymore. This may have been the last time he purchased a "Stupid Humans" Ticket.

Our young cameos

Once again, we had the pleasure of bringing in some young dancers from the younger crews.  It's always fun to find ways to showcase these kids in roles perfectly fit for their age, while maintaining the quality of the show audiences come to expect. This has by far been our favorite year working with the kids on a couple of numbers.

Our Past Shows

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