Redefining Expectations

Our mission statement exists within our very name. As a dance company, we educate and perform to show artists and young dancers just how powerful & possible it is to pursue the arts. In a world that frequently casts doubt on careers in dance, we aim to redefine what is possible and what is expected of such career paths.
Our educational programs  create a space where dancers are encouraged and given the tools needed to grow and succeed.  We host intensives, workshops, & free classes throughout the year to young dancers and aspiring professionals. Through these programs, dancers work in a judgment free zone. In addition to new technique, they are given advice and ideas for succeeding as an artist.  With sponsorship and donations covering development of programs, residencies, and other program expenses, we are able to cut costs and even offer free workshops to underprivileged dancers, maximizing our reach to the many young students who need art and positive reinforcement in their lives.
"The Redef Method"  2019 Summer Intensive ad
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The Shows We Produce have developed a wonderful following throughout New Jersey. From our street dance based shows to our comedy-centric STUPID HUMANS shows, we give our audience a kind of experience that is rarely seen in dance. Frequent audience interaction, powerful and intriguing stories lend themselves to the experience our fanbase has come to expect, returning time and time again to see what's next.  Your sponsorship immediately lends to the overhead cost of producing shows.
From  performance venue to promotional material, sponsorship helps us maintain the quality our audience has come to expect. Based on your level of involvement, your business as a sponsor  may be granted ad space on our programs, flyers & website at a minimum, with further options for presence at our shows and educational events and live promotion of your business to our audience.
Audience Information
Average audience size per show - 175-225 tickets sold
Most common audience type - Dance professionals, dance studio owners, parents, pre-teen/teen dancers.
The local community - Our performance presence is at its strongest throughout the jersey shore community, pulling in locals in and around Asbury Park. With a frequent presence at Asbury Park shows, our partnership with local businesses will especially benefit from advertisement opportunities to the shore community.

Our Sponsor benefits brochure

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Your Sponsorship

will contribute to our next show

We are currently producing our next large scale show, "Redefinition: The Moments That Made Us"

This show will perform at the end of February in the Jersey Shore area local to Asbury Park. Exact date, time and location TBD. All sponsor benefits will work in accordance with this show.  Sponsorship perks will be present in all performance flyers & ads, show presence, product endorsement, & social media posts revolving around this event.

Contribute To Our Movement

With the help of our community, we are able to extend our reach exponentially. Your donation aids in offsetting expenses for rehearsals, shows, and events we offer to our community, allowing more of the youth and aspiring artists to have access to our dancers. Currently, these gifts go directly toward our current lineup of shows and educational engagements, giving the community regular access to dance performances and  ways to take advantage of significantly cheaper dance education in the form of free classes and below average prices for workshops and intensives hosted by our company.
In-Kind Gifts
Our dance company graciously accepts support from our community in a number of ways. Aside from sponsorship and donations, we are happy to accept in-kind gifts in the form of rehearsal space, goods such as dancewear/costumes, and a variety of services or new products.

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