Hip Hop & Street Dance


Lectures & Seminars

You can find our table at many events. We also host workshops and seminars  to discuss a wide range of topics to help dancers and non-dancers alike.


Celebrate hip hop, street dance culture,  comedy, & various avenues of art. Show dates come up throughout the year, however you can request one of our full length showcases at your even or school. Reach out to us for more information! In the meantime, check out what were up to next on our instagram page @redefmovement. Don't forget to see what's coming up with our Comedy & Hip Hop "Stupid Humans" shows as well!

Meet Our Educators

Each member of our company is trained in a very specific approach to hip hop education that was developed by company director John Barrella. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of street dance in a structured setting without diluting the most important aspects of the genre.  With that aside, many of our company dancers have training, experiences and areas of expertise  that go beyond what our core education programs provide.

John Barrella is our company director and creator of the widely used "Essentials for Dance Education" program. He specializes in  the formation of dance programs and companies with an emphasis on Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, & B-boy. In student workshops, John maximizes the effectiveness of tools used to build authenticity and understanding within a student. His training programs for teachers helps adults understand the process of education and how to work it into actual hip hop techniques.

Redef events - John is present in the form of leadership and hosting duties for Redef company events. When John isn't directly hosting the class, he will often be seen delegating and overseeing the event. 

Hire him for - Specialty classes in any street dance style, freestyle or choreography education, teacher training seminars, lectures.

Quinn Sousa is a leading company member.  With experience in all street styles, Quinn has a special interest in the fundamentals of B-boy (Breakdancing). His approach to movement and his understanding of human conditioning makes him a prime candidate for young dancers to begin their journey into b-boy culture. His wide array of technical and dynamic b-boy skills  combines effortlessly with a natural gift for communication with students.

Redef events - Quinn is often a hands-on co-host for events and workshops. you can find him taking the time to connect with individual dancers to offer help they need to push forward with a lesson we offer. His ability to encourage and energize a crowd is essential to the success of any event we host.

Hire him for - Break-dancing workshops, Hip Hop workshops, Breakdancing tricks & Freezes.

Carly Ashnault is a veteran member of Redef.  She is an MS.Ed certified counselor with extensive experience working with students of a wide range of disabilities. Carly has used her dance training to not only deliver energetic and exciting classes, but to use her knowledge in both fields to better equip her for the many hurdles we have in the education process.

Redef events - Carly is commonly one of our lead teachers at events. She can be seen running a portion of class, or frequently working with dancers who may struggle with certain elements of our workshop. She is especially warm and welcoming to our young and our special needs dancers who frequently do need the extra individual attention.

Hire her for - Hip Hop workshops, special needs dance workshops, special needs education seminars & lectures.

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