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The  professional  dancers in our company are the teaching staff in a program that combines elements of dance programs, workshops, & our own rehearsal structure to bring something brand new to  dancers everywhere.  Each semester brings new courses that conclude with events meant to offer unique ways to finish off a dance program. The highlighted feature of end of semester events will be:






It's about expanding....not changing.

Since 2020 made live shows an unsure thing, The Redef Movement chose to film our next show. Realizing how much of the dance experience we salvaged by focusing on dance themed concept videos, we chose to make it the flagship theme of our dance program. As Redef looks forward to future live shows for both our company and this program, we are giving dancers the chance to train for video shoots. Every class has their own theme & production. No costume books are used. Shoot locations can vary. Professional Cinematographers are  brought in to film the entire short film.


This program grants dancers and parents of dancers a one of a kind experience as "at-the-theater" transforms into "on-location". Each class video is produced to live on youtube channels & more.  Cinema-style viewings of each film will be presented for extended family to purchase tickets & enjoy.

Finally, each dancer gets a copy of the film & the raw footage of their work!

In addition to our video shoots,  we continue to focus on more unique events & opportunities. Classes & individual dancers will have the chance to register for live performances, special workshops, battles, & of course  future live showcases.


This is not a dance studio replacement and we do not encourage separation from dance studio programs. We operate in ongoing schedules of semesters as opposed to a full school year. We do not hold recitals or attend dance competitions. Our program is suited for professional dance development and extracurricular activity that can co-exist with other programs.

An 8 Week Commitment

1 hour dance classes run consecutively, with the end of semester event occurring after classes conclude.

Each run of the program will work as a micro-school year, at least while the potential for mandated shut downs exist as a possibility.. The focus on a shorter program allows us to adjust the commitment length, ensuring we are doing all that we can  to deliver a complete, uninterrupted run of the intended program. Looking ahead at the potential rise in COVID-19 cases  allows us to schedule class dates and breaks between semesters with more flexibility. Lastly, breaks between semesters are designed to give flexibility so that potential pauses or delays in dance activity can be rescheduled with little to no impact on the following semester!



(Dates Coming Soon)


This is a mobile program, allowing for many  dance communities  to participate. Our independently run program is not dance studio affiliated. Locations for classes are based on contracts with event  spaces or dance spaces not in the recital/competitive dance realm in an effort to remain a neutral space. Classes will serve the Monmouth/Ocean County, NJ area , with potential for expansion of program locations!


Program director John Barrella Leads classes, however Redef company members will also be operating their own classes for a range of levels and abilities including the standard beginner/intermediate/advanced levels, special needs, adult pre-professional/professional & more.


Hip Hop - A well rounded program that fits the standard needs of a hip hop dance class. Lessons in rhythm, dance terms, isolations, & an exploration of hip hop music make up the entire run of the program.

The Art of Locking -   Original Soul Dances, locking terms, and a ton of funk music. This course studies the history of locking and all the dynamic energy that comes with it! This program concludes with a video shoot that showcases a soul-train themed performance by the entire class.

B-boys & B-girls - An in depth study of bboy(breakdance) movement in both choreography and freestyle. Rhythms, tricks, & freezes are explored with a  parent observed battle & freestyle circle during the final class of the semester, followed by a video shoot  the following week.

School of Movement students have the option to get involved in much more than the dance classes we offer. Ask us about short term opportunities currently available, especially as we film our current show. Adult and student performers needed! Aside from short term gigs, we also run additional programs that branch off from School of Movement:

No commitment or payment yet! Just click this circle to inquire about any part of our program, let us know you're interested & sign up for updates!

COVID19 Protocol

Safety protocol will follow precautionary guidelines.  No sick student will be allowed to enter the classroom.  Social distancing will be applied during group choreography. Guidelines will follow protocol similar to film production for placement of choreography.  Social distancing will be applied when applicable ( during group choreography & breaks), however formations and performance for filming or other end of semester events will not follow social distancing guidelines.  For film productions, social distancing guidelines are lifted for performance. We will follow a similar path as long as state guidelines permit.

Masks are not encouraged for activities of heavy exertion. Street Dance class in particular can create a scenario that can pose an immediate risk to dancers where full access to oxygen is necessary. For that reason, teaching staff will not be wearing masks and we are strongly encouraging students not to wear masks during high activity as well.

If you have any safety concerns due to masks/social distancing protocol, please feel free to reach out and discuss an individual plan that may work for all of us. While we will stay firm on our balance between safety  & experience, we are open to discussing an individual's need for a mask or maintaining social distancing throughout the entire experience. Dancers may need to have waivers signed acknowledging the risk associated with mask usage in particular.

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