The Redef Movement loves to be busy. We operate year-round and continue to make live rehearsals, performance opportunities, & dance films a priority for our entire company. More than ever,  dancers everywhere are looking for a chance to get back to the studio and find new opportunities. That's why we are doing so much more than we've ever done to make sure there is a place for you to train & perform.


On this page you'll see a list of our current projects. Each piece is a filmed work we have in the works. School of Movement projects are the end of semester performances students of School of Movement  participate in. All other projects are opportunities for professional dancers to work directly with The Redef Movement.


These projects reference the theme of the semester & theme of the dance film each class works on for the entire course. To sign up for a School of Movement class, visit the registration page.

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Performance Company

Hip Hop Program


(January, 2021)

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Hip Hop Program

Performance Company

Redef Guests

All current Redef projects open to guest dancers are listed here. To learn more about being a guest or auditioning for the company Click Here. To learn about "Stupid Humans", our current film most projects are for..Click Here.

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