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are technique focused. We believe in using hip hop as an art form and educational experience. With extensive background in dance as part of a school curriculum, we spend our time with students breaking down concepts, discussing history and terminology.


The dancers don't just come away knowing another piece of choreography. They come away with hip hop knowledge. They receive the roots of hip hop/street styles & are taught how to apply them in their classic form or their modern form without diluting the style. Our dancers learn a variety of techniques in a chosen style and it is taught in a clear & positive manner. Whether hosted by the director or a company member, every class is taught by a professional with extensive training in education, communication, improvisation & the many techniques of dance culture.




Contact us to bring Redef dancers to your school, or check below for the latest on workshops & intensives we host.


This summer, Redef gave dancers a week to remember. For 5 days, dancers joined us in the studio to build on their hip hop and street dance knowledge in a technique focused environment. Led by our own professional company members, classes focused on the most important aspects of hip hop, breakin, locking, & popping. As an extra bonus, we gave the dancers  a peak into our own approach to movement with classes that featured our creative process, and 2 days of learning samples from our repertoire.  The week ended with Soul Train lines and b-girl battles to showcase all the brand new information our students take with them.

School of Movement Intensives will return in 2021!

In the meantime, join School of Movement  in our weekly classes to train, learn choreography, and perform for film!

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