John "Comix" Barrella

The Director

[Owner of "The ReDEF Movement" and all affiliated crews]


Hip Hop/ Street Dance Educator, Choreographer and Event Coordinator




John has been involved in dance culture  for 20 years. His work has been presented in the styles of hip hop, locking, popping, b-boy, modern / street jazz influenced choreography and more. Based on the East Coast, John specializes in the instruction of dance culture, freestyle and choreography across and outside of the United States.


As a performer, John works as a solo artist and in collaboration with members of the hip hop community. He has been a featured dancer in music videos “HSKT” by Tenin and “Get Away” By Alissia. Other works include a tribute to the Lockers at “Waack to the Future”, Halftime shows for the NY Knicks, The Hoboken Unity festival and much more. As a choreographer, John’s work has been presented internationally. His unique approach to movement has been placed on dancers in a number of states in the United States, dance schools in Canada and colleges/universities with dance programs in the tri-state area.

 John and his company present work both in hip hop and modern dance atmospheres. The company was the champion of hip hop battle “Ill Bounce 3”, finalists for “Battle for Your Life” and continues to make a presence at hip hop battles. Their work has been seen at Madison Square Garden, The NY Filipino Festival, The Biomorphic Dance Festival, Show up and Dance, Monsters of Hip Hop and a number of other events in NY, Philly and NJ.

At the age of 14, John was accepted into the "School of the Arts” in East Brunswick where he spent four years learning modern dance and ballet from a variety of instructors and master teachers. Aside from traditional dance classes, he attended annual courses in human anatomy, improvisational techniques, teaching dance to children, choreography techniques, musical theatre and theatre. In college, John studied childhood education and small business management to round out the important aspects of his dance career training. From his early teens, John has studied under various hip hop artists and was recruited into WildStyle dance company where he learned his basic hip hop techniques. He gained a love, respect and appreciation for his core styles with glimpses into technique for house dance, waacking and dancehall. Furthering his training, John still regularly attends classes and events with master and pioneering hip hop artists. Notable influences on his work include Tom Mckie, Spex, Brian Green, Bev Brown, Jazzy J, Sekou, Pavan Thimmiah and more.

John is an active educator and choreographer with work recognized in both the U.S.A. and Canada. Currently, he has developed a curriculum and program that trains teachers in hip hop terminology and technique, applying it to class structure. This program, “The Fundamentals of Hip Hop Education” has become widely used and has offered countless teachers a look into his own method of instruction. Johns classes and events are designed to teach aspiring dancers the fundamentals of street & hip hop dance as a freestyle art and techniques to master choreography. His goals are to inspire people to be artists and push themselves creatively and positively both in and outside of dance.










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