Join our community by basing a hip hop crew in your studio full of your studios dancers!

Hire a Crew Director For Your Studio

Want to begin a hip hop crew/ company of your own? We can help you in a number of ways. Since our inception in 2008, company director John Barrella has specialized in hip hop company/team development and teacher training. Over that time he has overseen the development of multiple hip hop teams in dance studios and traveled the country to teach his curriculum to hip hop instructors. With our experience and success in team building, we offer the following options when there is interest in hip hop development in a dance studio:

  • Hire company director John Barrella or a Redef company dancer to develop,  train & choreograph a new hip hop company(crew) on a weekly basis at your studio.

  • Hire the Redef director or dancers to train your studio's hip hop teacher in curriculum and standards for running a hip hop company and consult during the course of the school year.

  • (For studios with established companies) Host a workshop series for students and/or teachers to develop techniques and foundation that will strengthen the team in hip hop and street styles.

  • (For studios with established companies or competitive hip hop classes) Hire Redef company director or dancer to choreograph routines best suited for competitions, showcases, recitals or hip hop battles.

Why a crew at your studio?

  • Create a program with a positive, healthy and beneficial atmosphere for your studio's aspiring hip hop dancers.

  • We help you connect to another world of professional & hip hop themed performance opportunities that  dance studios rarely take advantage of.

  • Build a strong foundation of authentic hip hop technique and vocabulary at your studio.

  • A brand new, established team for your studio. Readily available to perform at festivals, promotional events, recitals and competitions

Here are some current hip hop companies based in dance studios

Name:     Junior Crew


Current Age Range:     8-12 yrs old


Based in:     Dance For Joy dance studio in Brielle, NJ


Years Active:    3+

Name: Fresh Effects


Current Age Range:   11-18 yrs old


Based in: Dance For Joy dance studio in Brielle, NJ


Years Active: 4+

To reach company director John Barrella, send a message right here. You can inquire about anything else you would like to know about creating a crew. We can provide lists of accomplishments, video footage of past work, full curriculum and details on crew class structure or provide background information on your  crew director.

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