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Show highlights, repertoire, behind-the-scenes & featured pieces from The Redef Movement & Stupid Humans.


 Featured Piece 


Show - Tedx: Chaos

Asked to speak for the Tedx: Chaos event, The Redef Movement brought  a blend of hip hop, breakin, locking, & some comedy to showcase the influence of chaos on artists.

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"Funky Sebastian"

Show - Stupid Humans Ruin The Classics (2019)

Comedy Routines for Stupid Humans shows include moments like this, where one dancer can't get the music he wants.

"Lip Dub"

Show - Stupid Humans Ruin The Classics (2019)

Part of the promotional run for the 2019 show included  dance themed pop culture moments like this one from "The Office"

"Part 3"

Show - Finger Works - Philadelphia (2018)

Debuting at this art showcase was "part 3" of our original concept series for Stupid Humans. Each part of this series highlights usage of props for our most traditional form of comedy dance. This piece in particular stood out for extended use of unison choreography and a smaller cast.

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