The Redef Movement hosts auditions annually for new members. Dancers that have strong interests in Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Locking and Popping ( No experience necessary ) are welcome to audition.



Our Core Company allows any dancer over the age of 18 to audition. We are a performing AND training company.  New members are required to train weekly and be ready to learn new choreography quickly. While we do not necessarily require a dancer to be experienced in any of the styles we do, one of the things we look for is a dancers ability to absorb new techniques. Be willing to work on yourself as a dancer. Other things we look for in a company member:

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Long Term Dance Goals

  • Professional Attitude


Teen & Pre-teen dancers are not eligible to join the company until they are at least 18 years old.  If you are 14 to 18 years old,  we encourage you to audition for our Redef Apprentice Program. Whether or not you are affiliated with dance studios, this is how you can start performing and training from an earlier age. Dance studio dancers that join Redef begin their training as an EXTENSION of their regular studio classes, not a replacement. We urge our dancers to continue their education wherever their home studio is.  The training and opportunities received as a Redef dancer aim to strengthen each individual, sending them to their home studio with brand new, unexplored concepts.

Auditions Are Different This Summer!



This year, as a response to COVID19's impact on landmark performances for high school/college dancers, we're shifting to a different kind of audition.  Combining our Redef Apprentice Program with the "You Are The Movement" initiiative, We're giving teen & young adult dancers the opportunity to perform again! In spite of the recent social distancing guidelines, we will be continuing our company  work with much of the familiar structure still in place. This means live rehearsals, events, & even shows!

Since we are among the dance organizations proceeding forward, we want to extend the opportunity. All auditions are held  for  "guest" placement in our company or a role in individual choreography projects for the summer months. We are currently NOT holding auditions for full time company membership. Teen dancers and Redef guest performers are nominated or may fill out the form on this page to go through the full audition process.

Placement in the company will be effective from mid-June  to September 30th 2020, or until the dancer must return to school.

Any guest or apprentice dancer that is 18 years or older that seeks full time company membership may request an audition for permanent placement during the month of September. Read on for further details on auditions and placement.


Weekly rehearsals are year-round and include technique and choreography in:


Hip Hop



Every company member takes the techniques learned and applies it to other areas of dance.   Each dancer is required to learn how to choreograph, teach, freestyle and of course properly execute each style.  Dancers also get the option to choose a style they wish to specialize in and dig into tricks, gimmicks and even battle techniques.

For each style performed, dancers also are required to understand the history and important aspects that helped structure the genre.


This Movement is made to showcase and educate . Each  company member is a passionate, humble dancer who trains weekly  under the crew director. Our dancers have been featured guest artists in and out of state for professional showcases, benefits and fundraisers, half time shows and more.


We've been recognized at a number of battles and events for our creativity, individuality and respect for hip hop and dance culture.  Each and every Redef appearance follows a short set of rules in order to connect with a range of audiences:

The Arts - Emphasis on originality and unique approach to movement.

The Hip Hop Community - A loyalty to hip hop's rich history and respect for the roots of street dance.

The Professional Dance Community - Display of professionalism and understanding of structure, the dance world, & true education.

The General Public - Relatable and engaging performances that captivate audiences, dancer or not.

Producing Our Own Shows and  participation in other large scale events has come to the forefront of our focus.As busy as we get with the events we are invited to, this has become our primary work. Dancers who join us get to jump in as we do some of our latest projects.

A variety of concepts are being used as we host sold out shows of our own and join other artists on their own endeavors. Dancers get paid to perform, teach, and even choreograph depending on the event.

Other common performances include choreography showcases, art festivals, dance festivals,hip hop events & battles in NJ, NY, and Philly.

What does COVID-19 change in The Redef Movement?

Not much.

We have made guidelines for live rehearsals. While we adjust to social distancing, we aim to maintain as much of the dance experience as possible. It is our every intention to remain consistent with our past work and our past experiences.  We will be proactive in safely pushing the limit on performance opportunities, production of our shows, & rehearsal format in order to have solutions to our needs for creative freedom & commitments we can opposed to avoiding common dance experiences.
While the current state of things minimizes our normal event appearances, this summer looks to be its own kind of exciting as we will be choreographing  for full concept videos and aiming for potential live appearances. We expect  the way we perform to be the only temporary shift we see moving forward.

Company Audition

This year, nominations and auditions are focused on getting you back to dance.  We have a few spots left for full time positions within Redef for the duration of the summer. Once full, dancers can still be accepted "per project".

The nomination process follows its own protocol, and if you ended up here, you probably don't need to read further. More than likely, if you were sought out, you are already in the process of discussing the details of the program.

The audition process for everyone else is different from standard auditions and will be evolving based on our in-studio presence as we  slowly transition from virtual to live rehearsals again.  Once you have submitted your form, you will get the latest information on how and when to schedule your live audition.

No experience is required to audition. If you are inquiring on behalf of a dancer, be sure to email our director at with any questions before registering.
Start the audition process today by filling out the form below.

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