The Redef Movement is a dance company based in New Jersey, under the direction of John Barrella. The main company and affiliated "crews" perform primarily throughout the tri-state area.  Each crew creates pieces that center around hip hop and street styles such as B-boy, Locking, Popping, and more. The techniques they train in have full  influence on both classic & modern choreography to music in the styles of Hip Hop, Funk, Rock, Soul, Blues & all other styles of music.

Our central company has been active for 10 years. Redef meets multiple times per week in central NJ to train under John Barrella and choreograph new pieces. The group has participated in a wide range of events & battles in New Jersey, Philly, & New York. Their choreography has been showcased in artistic & competitive festivals. They has been featured guests at the NY Filipino festival, half time shows for the New York Knicks, Six Flags Great Adventure,  professional choreography showcases and countless other dance events.


Company members are well rounded dancers with experience in styles ranging from street/hip hop styles to house, contemporary, modern, ballet, jazz and more. Many of its members are active dance educators and choreographers outside of their time with the company. Training and experience with the company has helped some of our dancers branch out and develop a reputation of their own in the dance community.  Some of our current members also come from extensive training before joining Redef.  A collection of knowledge from "The Redef Movement" methods, college education and professional dance training has helped the company establish a formula to guide young/new dancers and hip hop crews  developed by a Redef dancer.

Redef's company director & dancers have been presenting dance in performance and educational settings for over a decade.  The emphasis on technique and freestyle, importance of foundation, and concept of treating hip hop as an art form has developed a rich outlook on hip hop in the studio and on stage. Our unique education process has been a huge success as director John Barrella has visited and trained young dancers and hip hop teachers in the methods used within "The Redef Movement" across the United States and Canada. Our full company continues to educate dancers in workshops, guest appearances and weekly classes as we prepare dancers for a successful future in the arts. Along the way we continue to develop new hip hop dancers, programs, and groups within established dance studios"Fresh Effects" & "Jr Crew" (based at "Dance for Joy" in Brielle, NJ)  are two examples of  current crews.


The Redef Apprentice Program

In June of 2019, our company created  a summer apprentice program, an opportunity for aspiring teen dancers to join our company as full time members until the end of September.  Dancers are primarily nominated for a place in the company, where they train with us for free and are eligible for all performance opportunities our company takes on during summer months. Each dancer returns to their home studio or school with brand new street dance technique and new marks on their resume.

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