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Redefining Expectations

With a focus on abstract ideas,  Redef dancers deliver performances that grab the key elements of street dance genres and apply them to movement to create stories, moods, laughter, & atmosphere within every piece. Each company member is fluent in a range of dance styles such as hip hop, breakin, locking, popping, & more. Ultimately, our work in freestyle and choreography is made to exist in 3 ways.

The Hip Hop Community

Respect, understanding, & authenticity within the hip hop world.

The Professional Community

From choreography showcases, to Tedx Talks, to dance programs, our work highlights professionalism in performance and education. Reliance on outside-the-box  themes continue to generate interest from multiple event & dance communities beyond hip hop.

The General Public

Both artists and families alike can enjoy our work. Our Street Dance work showcases energy & power as well as strong messages for any member of our audience to carry with them.



with a new kind of dance experience

Stupid Humans

Our Hip Hop & comedy show is still here and stranger than ever!  With the events of 2020, we couldn't present our usual live show, so we are currently filming a movie version!

If you'd like to be a featured performer in one of our comedy or dance pieces, email us at RedefManager@gmail.com

  • Stupid Humans Ruin The Classics

    Back in August of 2019, we wrapped up the 3rd year of performing "Stupid Humans" to a packed theater. As we begin work on our 4th show, we're shaking up the format. This alter ego of ours is headed in a brand new direction and we can't wait to share it with you! In the meantime, check out highlights  from the latest show.

  • COVID-19 & Our Shows

    Our Spring show, "Redefinition" has been postponed due to the global pandemic. Since this show carries a vastly different tone from our comedy shows, we are holding onto this performance until it can be delivered to a live audience. We will be rescheduling this show for 2021. In the meantime, check in on the many other shows and events we have planned!

  • Asbury Park Dance Fest

    The Asbury Park Dance Fest has been born! We joined the immense talent of Paul Taylor Dance Company, Navarro Novy Williams, The Dance Academy of North Jersey, Jaclyn Walsh, Laura Halzack, Michael Trusnovec, & more  to kick off Friday night's carousel show.  It continues to be an absolute pleasure to perform for the Asbury Park community!

  • Filming Dance

    No live shows? No problem. We've been studying film like crazy and we've been linking up with some incredible people to find the best cinematographers and the best locations to bring our art to life.  Beyond simply presenting dance, we are looking to deliver true entertainment in this new work.  From individual projects to our latest "Stupid Humans" show, you will find many ways  we are keeping busy and staying creative. It's no doubt that filmed work will be a permanent part of our presence moving forward!

  • School of Movement

    It's been a long time coming For the fall, 2020 season we are finally launching our own dance education program! Geared toward dancers who wish to pursue more hip hop training and make appearances in dance films & Redef projects, this is a fresh new take of hip hop dance education!

  • Tedx: Chaos

    It was a privilege to be asked to deliver a Ted talk last year. During this Tedx event, we discussed the role of chaos in the lives of artists and as an influence on our creative process, followed by a performance that blended our "stupid humans" work and our standard hip hop work. Head over to our video channel for highlights!

The Redef Pre-teen/Teen Performance Company

Brand new things keep appearing this year for the Redef Movement.  Alongside our "School of Movement" program, we've launched a performance company exclusively for dancers under 18. For the first time, a younger generation can become an official member of The Redef Movement by auditioning for this company! Members get their own performances as well as opportunities to appear alongside Redef professional dancers in live and film pieces.

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