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Redefining Expectations

With a focus on abstract ideas,  Redef dancers deliver performances that grab the key elements of street dance genres and apply them to movement to create stories, moods, laughter, & atmosphere within every piece. Each company member is fluent in a range of dance styles such as hip hop, breakin, locking, popping, & more. Ultimately, our work in freestyle and choreography is made to exist in 3 ways.

The Hip Hop Community

Respect, understanding, & authenticity within the hip hop world.

The Professional Community

From choreography showcases, to Tedx Talks, to dance programs, our work highlights professionalism in performance and education. Reliance on outside-the-box  themes continue to generate interest from multiple event & dance communities beyond hip hop.

The General Public

Both artists and families alike can enjoy our work. Our Street Dance work showcases energy & power as well as strong messages for any member of our audience to carry with them.

Do You Miss Dancing?

Get back to the studio with our newest program.

Our apprentice program began in June, 2019. We kicked it off as an opportunity for select teen dancers to  experience work in a professional dance company. This year, we're expanding the program for high school and college age dancers to work alongside us or appear in some of our next projects!  Click that "Redef Yellow" text to see the latest details on our audition page!

The 4th Stupid Humans Show

is still happening!


"The Tragedy of Vaudeville"

a cinematic experience!

The Teen & Jr Companies

While The Redef Movement is not exclusively affiliated with a dance studio, we do maintain a close relationship with a handful of younger crews led by company director John Barrella. Each company is an extension of the movement in terms of educational approach and dance philosophy..


Based within the hip hop program at "Dance For Joy", these dancers train in all the styles & techniques Redef dancers learn, perform throughout NJ and NY, and may even get an opportunity to audition for The Redef Movement after graduationg high school. Do you want a crew like this in your area? Are you looking to audition for one of these companies? Email us for information.

Each week, we hold open sessions for a drop-in rate of $15 per class, where you get to join us for 2 hours and learn some of the techniques and secrets behind hip hop, breakdancing, popping, & locking. You learn in a setting that combines typical open dance class structure and time to "session" where we get to dig deep into a technique and allow for exploration.

Vouchers like the one here are offered exclusively at events. You can also obtain one from a company member at select times. When you receive the voucher, be sure to reach out to us and arrange a date for your free dance class!

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