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This whole site is undergoing a massive transformation in order to adapt to the projects, services, & opportunities our company has to offer. Between the rising importance of our "Stupid Humans" work and new ventures like School of Movement, it was time to give this website an overhaul to reflect the growing importance of everything Redef does.  Upon relaunch, you'll see a website that  fully reflects the size of of everything we do beyond the Redef company. To take our additional work beyond "project" form and integrate it into the full Redef experience has been long overdue. Be sure to check back soon for everything that's new and up and coming!

What's coming...


Eerything the main company offers from performances to auditions, and our latest format for upcoming film shoots and long/short term projects

Stupid Humans has become the other half of the work we do here. Expanding the potential of the comedy work we do, the next film and live performance productions will begin to shift toward "Satire of the arts" while we base comedy on theatre, music, and genres of dance not limited to hip hop like in the past.


School of Movement will be launching new programs, new film shoots, and more class types throughout the school year in simple, easy commitment classes. Dancers train and develop choreography for film shoots in this fresh new take on youth and adult dance training.


Check back soon for schedules, opportunities, cast line-ups, class registration, and so much more! If you would like to inquire about current performance or audition opportunities, or would like to know what School of Movement classes are currently available..contact  us today!

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